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Animes Like Fruits Basket Ouran Host Club. Ouran High School Host Club Shugo Chara Kaichou wa Maid-sama Kimi ni Todoke Itazura na Kiss Special A Lovely Complex DNAngel Kobato Kare Kano Tonari no Kaibtasu-kun Sukitte il That's the closest similarity to Fruits Basket in terms of animals living alongside humans in some form or other. Go to the given like to fav+ IT!!

Fruits basket | Fruits basket, Basket quilt, Awesome anime
Fruits basket | Fruits basket, Basket quilt, Awesome anime (Adam Buchanan)

Shoujo anime always gets licensed pretty quickly nowadays. Aside from being similar in terms of being a reverse harem, both of these anime will surely keep you on your seat with their light-hearted comedy and romance. Looking for more anime like Ouran High School Host Club?

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Me: ok Next is Momiji Momiji:*jumps with joy* yay ok do you like cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, horses, cows. If we're talking about anime, then I think Ouran High School Host Club because I think it's funnier and I prefer the art, but if the subject is specifically about The Fruits Basket world is so defined, and the connection to the characters is so real for me, that it feels like an alternate reality to escape from the. Do not fave this work here!

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